NOTICE: We Deliver to All 50 States, Canada & Caribbean Islands

Decorative Wallcovering Panels for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Distinctive decorative wall covering panels for interior design. Our panels are used in designs of hotels, bars, restaurants, retail stores, offices and even home design. Designers all over the world have been enjoying this amazing range of decorative wall panels for the past 25 years. You now have the opportunity to use the same amazing range directly imported from Europe or made in USA.

Our Warehouse is centrally located in Denver CO and we ship to All 50 States, Canada and Caribbean Islands!

  • Our 3D Wall panels are made of Class A Fire Rated polystyrene, suitable for any commercial or residential interior. We have designed our tiles in such a way that many patterns can be inter connected to create more design possibilities.

  • Capture the elegant, sophisticated, and sometimes vogue feel of real leather by utilizing our leather laminate. Leather Wallcovering sheets are flexible and easy to bend. Achieve glamorous designs and installations at a fraction of the cost compared to real leather.

  • Newly developed Wavy Panels offer you a wide range of options of improving the look of interior spaces in any living area from the entry way to a kitchen, living room, bedroom, office or bathroom. Creates deeper 3D effects with lighting aimed at the panels.

  • Our line of decorative wallcovering panels consists of Mirror finishes available in several colors, metallic finishes, wood grain finishes and some exotic patterns. All decorative surfaces come with self-adhesive back or non-adhesive.

  • Multistyle wallcovering surfaces available in a wide range of mirror colors. The surfaces are pre-scored creating the look of small tiles. These surfaces are highly flexible, so if you have a project where you need to go over curves this product is perfect.

  • SIBU Glass is a newer line of decorative wallcovering panels that can actually be used in vertical and horizontal application. The sheets are 102” L x 39” W, thickness 3/16”. SIBU Glass creates deep and highly reflective surface.

  • Textured wallcovering panels are one of the most popular along the groups of wallcovering surfaces we offer. You have a big selection of textured patterns and colors.

  • Acrylic decorative wallcoverings available in several high gloss colors and satin matte finish with textured surface in TOUCH 1 group. All acrylic surfaces come with self-adhesive back or non-adhesive.

  • 3D Wallcovering Surfaces available in several styles and patterns. This is a two component surface where one layer is a lens shaped creating 3D effect.

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